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What can we expect?

The last few weeks we have been busy expanding Hardcompany Records. We plan to fill an extensive webshop with mainly general articles. This means that not everything in the webshop will be dedicated to Hardcompany Records. The goal we have in mind is mainly to make a small contribution within the scene. Especially by releasing music, hopefully together with several artists in the future. We will also try to be a little more active on social media in the future, at least actively sharing content. We are going to try to put the name Hardcompany Records more and more under the eyes of the music lovers, and thereby create awareness. We sincerely hope that fans will help us with that.

In this way we also bring our label to the attention of the newcomers, the newcomers when it comes to artists. The lesser-known but promising producers within the scene. In the future we will also share our knowledge in the field of music production with producers who have just started their long adventure. We sincerely hope to leave a good mark on the scene. Who knows, our team will expand in the future, and we will build a strong and above all cozy community around Hardcompany Records.

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