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Hardcompany Records Website

Hardcompany Records is an official music label based in the Netherlands.

Hardcompany Records was established in January 2020 by Remko Kempenaar A.K.A. "Hardcompany".

We always like to see demo's of upcoming artists!!! 

Finding a record label is easy nowadays, but finding a record label that will accept your music is harder then ever before. Since most of the record labels out there will only agree high quality releases from highly talented producers/composers/artists whatever. Which makes it really hard for the upcoming talented artists out there. Because of the fact making music these days is, let's say, very easy.  In comparison to the time before the daws, you literally had to have some experience playing an instrument. And because of that, the number of new artists rises. This automatically makes it harder to find a record label who will accept your music.

And because we know there is a layer beneith that high level area, we really want to give upcoming talented producers/artists a change. Not only will your music be released on many many, some of the biggest most famous platforms, also you can start growing your career as an artist much earlier then the rest out there. Most music makers trying years and years to sign a record deal with famous labels (If they ever achieve that high level). Here at Hardcompany Records we give you the opportunity to introduce and proof yourself to the world. It will keep you motivated.

What are we looking for?

  • Hardcore/Uptempo 

  • Rawstyle

  • Hardstyle

  • Hard-Techno

"But im not realy sure if my music is good enough" 

It doesn't matter, we would like to see your input!

Also we are always open for all your questions.

Send your Demo(s) to:
Please use a Dropbox or Soundcloud (Private) link with download enabled.


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